We are all ‘Creatures of Habit’ it has been said. Successful business leaders create an environment and build a culture that inspires their team to succeed. Great team leaders build Success Habits throughout their team that ensure excellence and continued success.

According to Science Daily about 40% of what we do each day is habitual – that is to say it is a learned activity that has become an automatic routine that we no longer have to think about while we are doing it. In Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, he describes how habits are formed and delves into the research about how businesses are using habit-formation in marketing and sales of their products.

Habits are very powerful neurological loops developed in the brain through a system of trigger, routine and reward. Daniel Goleman explains the processes in the brain through which this is achieved very well in his book, Emotional Intelligence. Overdone, habits have a bad reputation, things like smoking, gambling and alcohol are seen as bad habits. As well there is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), the root of which lies in the same neurological loop process.

Image then the power of developing ‘Success Habits’. Positive habits that your staff develop, routines that they follow without thinking about it. Habits that ensure positive culture, customer centricity and excellence in strategy implementation. Imagine the power of Success Habits in your business.

I know a business leader who once said he believed that success came from culture, and culture was made up of conversations, and conversations were made of words – so he reasoned that the words we use in the organisation created the culture of the organisation. You may agree or disagree with this logic, but he credited creating the Success Habit of using a particular positive vocabulary in his business with changing the culture and ultimately the direction of the business.

Here are just a few Success Habits that you might like to form within your organisation:

  1. Start and end each and every day with your personal Plan
  2. Have a stand-up team meeting for 5 mins every morning
  3. Only have meetings with agendas and outcomes (And always take notes)
  4. Invite the customer to every discussion
  5. Use the 3 Ds – Do it, Dump it or Delegate it! – (Never read an email twice)
  6. Give due dates on requests and deliver on time
  7. Read – those who don’t are the same as than those who can’t
  8. Listen with both ears, both eyes and both hands
  9. Be on time every time – or phone in
  10. Take solutions to your manager rather than problems to your lunch room
  11. Don’t accept waste of any resource
  12. Smile at everyone you pass
  13. Adopt the Do it ‘til it’s Done work methodology
  14. Display behaviour you want to see and always be loyal to the absent.

These simple Success Habits will improve business morale, productivity and help build a positive culture. If you’d like more information on these or other Success Habits, drop me a comment.


Steven Brett is the Director of Manage Smart, a Sydney based consultancy focused on customer experience and customer relationship development. He holds a degree in Applied Management and consults to the Customer Service Institute of Australia. Steven is able to speak at corporate events and functions, when available, on this and other customer-centric topics.

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