Manage Smart offers a range of services to suit organisations of all sizes and complexity. From working with small teams in sales, marketing or service delivery right through to leadership mentoring and strategic business planning Manage Smart develops a bespoke consulting solution for each engagement using our signature ‘Discovery | Analysis | Delivery | Action’ methodology.


Using our signature ‘Discovery | Analysis | Delivery | Action’ methodology, Manage Smart will provide all the tools and expertise to allow your people to design a customer experience contract that aligns with the organisation’s vision, mission and values whilst staying within the capabilities of the people and the profit goals of the business. The process guides your people through the steps to gaining a full understanding of customer value and allows for their ownership of the end result. The workshops culminate with the creation of an agreed customer experience contract and the communication plan to implement it.


Customer journey mapping is not a new process but it is often underused and misunderstood due to the misapplication of the theory or the process. Experienced practitioners conduct comprehensive mapping sessions that provide real nuggets of insight into business processes and their customer impact. The sessions are designed with the goal of leaving behind the tools and skills for attendees to conduct their own journey mapping sessions adding ongoing value to your business.


Team training on both the old and the new sales processes. Classic sales & marketing training on the 4 P’s & Product Extension, Market Analysis, Market Research, Suspect Segmentation, Prospecting Techniques, Sales Process Flow, Overcoming Objections, Closing Techniques and After Sales Service. Digital sales and marketing process mapping and prospect tracking. Training can be conducted in teams or individually.


Training on sales techniques and processes provides sales teams with the tools and skills to make sales for your business but one-on-one coaching builds individual success habits. Mastering these success habits can be the genuine difference between a high performing sales person and the rest.

Personal coaching requires regular short one-on-one sessions and can also include ride-along coaching on sales calls.


Using our signature ‘Discovery | Analysis | Delivery | Action’ methodology, Manage Smart will provide the tools and processes to guide your businesses strategic alignment with the actions, behaviours and performance of its people. Many organisations have lofty strategic visions that speak about a perfect future or idyllic state but the actions and behaviours of its people do not match. Truly successful organisations align the actions and behaviours of the people with the strategic goals of their organisations.


As a leader or manager in an organisation as in life you are the one who is out in front. You know where to go and how to get there and everyone is following your lead. Leading the team in maintaining the ‘twenty-mile march’ is not easy to achieve. Even the best leaders focussed on their goals and committed to personal and team performance can lose their way and their focus. Mentorship is about frequently pausing to realign values, check achievement to date and reset the personal compass whilst bringing trusted external perspective.