Success Habit # 11  Don’t accept waste of any resource.

Waste in manufacturing has been well known and managed for decades, Henry Ford followers would say a century, but it was the Japanese ideologies that truly focussed our attention. Kaizen, the 5S philosophy, Jidoka and TPM are all LEAN methodologies that teach us better ways to improve productivity whilst maintaining quality and potentially reducing costs.

Treat your company’s resources like you treat your own resources.

Waste reduction or elimination as you would no doubt understand, plays a key role in these LEAN methodologies.If you want to learn about them – please research for yourself but my concern is the forgotten or overlooked waste that exists in all businesses and organisations around the world.The waste that we all contribute to every day. The waste that if stemmed could be the difference between failure, survival and success in the modern economy.

The wasted resource that I’m referring to is often termed Human Emotional Waste.

Not to be confused with Human Resources waste, although this is a major expense to business.

HR waste to me means advertising in the wrong place, failing to identify the role correctly, interviewing with the wrong process and hiring the wrong people.

As well as failing to on-board correctly, training new recruits poorly or not at all and other simple HR processes that most organisations should be on top off by now.

The Human Emotional waste that I see being wasted everywhere I go,

Is the energy and enthusiasm, the idealism and passion, the drive and determination that engaged, connected and challenged people have when they are working for an organisation they love to work for, doing a job they love to do, with people they love to work with.

Time and time again this energy and passion is wasted in organisations.

Passionate people are held back for fear of them ‘going too far’.

Energetic people are restrained and brought into line with others.

Enthusiasm is curbed, communication declines and people leave.

Learn to avoid human emotional waste in your organisation in these simple ways:

  1. Create roles that allow personalities to shine
  2. Be transparent in your attraction of new people
  3. Induct people to your culture with passion
  4. Train people on the way things are done here
  5. Coach teams and individuals continually on everything
  6. Encourage open and lively communication in every direction
  7. Remove any barriers between teams or levels
  8. Recognise your people’s best in public displays of thanks
  9. Manage people not key performance indicators
  10. Over communicate your organisation’s goals and plans
  11. Remove the inhibitors to personal growth and expression
  12. Make workplaces great places to work


These are not HR priorities – these are people priorities. Everyone in your organisation needs to be aware that they contribute to the culture of their organisation and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that enthusiasm is not wasted.